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Leveltec System Installation Guide

Step 1: Choose Your Join Type And Spacing

The Leveltec System is made of 2 elements to eliminate tile lippage; a Levelling Base which is available in linear, half cross and crossed 1-2-3-5mm spaced notches that allow installation of any type of material and a pommel cap which fits all clips.

Step 2: Place Desired Clip Under Prepped Tile And Attach Tile Levelling Base To Cap

Prepare tile and substrate as normal and place the desired clip under the laid tile. The Leveltec System has cut outs strategically placed on the base to allow for adhesive to push through the base and reach the tile. Once the clip is placed under the tile attach the cap to the threaded stem and adjust as desired.

Step 3: Once The Tile Adhesive Has Dried

The Leveltec System features breakage points that release through the kicking or tapping of the Pommel Cap in the direction of the joint.

Step 4: Remove Clip From Cap

Once the cap is removed from the tile, either push or tap the top of the clip on the ground to remove the stem from the cap to reuse the cap for your next tiling job.

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